5 Stunning Small Backyard Putting Green Ideas

5 small backyard putting green ideas that will transform your outdoor place into a golf lovers heaven.

5 Stunning Small Backyard Putting Green Ideas

Do you want to turn your small backyard into golf lovers paradise? Consider walking out into your own green paradise with your putter in hand for a short game whenever you please. Small backyard putting green ideas are getting popularity day by day. These small backyard putting greens provide a convenient way to practice your putting skills without leaving the comfort of home. In this blogpost we explore the 10 stunning and incredible small backyard putting green ideas that will transform your outdoor place into a golf lovers heaven.

5 Small Backyard Putting Green Ideas

Let’s take a look at each of these small backyard putting green ideas and see how they can improve your outdoor space.

1. Synthetic Turf Putting Green

Synthetic Turf: Small Backyard Putting Green Ideas

Consider Installing a synthetic turf putting green if you want a low maintenance putting green that looks fresh all year. Synthetic turf is excellent choice for busy homeowners which requires a very little maintenance. It has the appearance and feel of natural grass which provides a authentic putting experience with any hassle of cutting grass or watering. These artificial putting greens become more popular among golf enthusiasts and busy home owners.

Key points of synthetic turf putting green

  • Artificial putting greens are build to withstand harsh weather condition and heavy foot traffic.
  • Synthetic turf putting greens require minimal maintenance as compare to natural grass greens.
  • You can customize the shape of greens according to your space available.
  • Unlike natural grass greens that may become unplayable during certain seasons. Synthetic turf putting greens can be use through out the year.
  • Once properly installed and maintained these artificial putting greens can last for many years.

2. Natural Grass Putting Green

Natural Grass: Small Backyard Putting Green Ideas

Those people who appreciate the natural beauty a natural grass putting green is the way to go. This option requires a lot of maintenance then synthetic turf putting green but the results for natural grass putting greens is so luxurious and refreshing. Natural grass putting greens offers a classic and authentic experience of golfing but requires regular and proper maintenance.

Key points of natural grass putting greens

  • Consider a space in backyard for putting greens which interacts with direct sunlight.
  • Select proper type of grass like bentgrass or zoysia grass according to the environment.
  • Natural grass putting greens is a source of relaxation and stress relief.
  • Its require proper maintenance like mowing and watering on proper time pest control and fertilization.

3. Multi Level Putting Greens

Its a more challenging for your putting games with a multi level putting greens. This designs simulates multiple variations and slops. This type of putting greens are good to improve your putting skills. This feature can be add in both synthetic turf and natural grass putting greens.

Key points of multi level putting greens

  • Multi level putting greens offer a unique opportunity to increase your golf skills and become more confident on the course.
  • Precision is Key in golf and multi level putting greens offer a excellent way to enhance it.
  • you can customize the multi level putting greens to suit preferences and practice needs.
Small Backyard putting Green Ideas

4. Mini Golf Putting Greens

If you are low in space you can go with mini golf putting greens in your backyard which create a fun and entertaining atmosphere by design your putting greens with unique obstacles like small tunnels and bridges. this is a great option for family entertainment. Mini golf games are shorter then traditional golf rounds these quick games engage player and entertain throughout the game.

Key points of mini golf putting greens.

  • Mini golf may be recreational activity but it improve your putting skills.
  • Mini golf is asocial game that encourage interaction with people and friendly competition.
  • Mini golf putting greens require less maintenance.

5. Putting Greens With Sand Bunkers

You can challenge your sand trap skills by adding sand bunkers to your putting greens in your backyard. These sand traps can be strategically placed to test your ability to escape these hazards just like a pro.

Key points of putting greens with sand bunkers

  • These greens are design to replicate the look and feel of real golf course.
  • Golfers can customise the layout of there putting greens and the placement of sand bunkers to meet their preferences and practices needs.
  • Practicing on greens with sand bunkers can significantly improve your short game skills.

Decorate: Small Backyard Putting Green Ideas

Some of the small backyard putting green ideas to add more Decorative elements to enhance the ambiance of your golf practice area.

Small backyard putting green ideas
LightingInstall out door lighting around your putting greens to enhance the magical atmosphere for evening.
Water featuresAdd some water features in you putting greens like fountains and small streams which provides the relaxing ambiance.
Seating And ComfortConsider adding some seating options near your putting greens. A lounge chair or outdoor sofa can provide a relaxing space for you and your practice partners.
Decor Touches To make your putting greens really unique add some decor touches like golf flags and favorite golf quotes.
PathwaysInstall decorative pathways leading towards your putting greens consider the golf themed designs or patterns to add charm.
LandscapingDecorate putting green by surrounding it with lush landscaping consider adding some colourful flowers and trimmed shrubs or potted plants to add touch of greenery.
Decorate: Small Backyard Putting Green Ideas


Transforming your small backyard into a putting green paradise is a fantastic way to enhance your golfing skills or create a relaxing outdoor oasis. With these 5 small backyard putting green ideas you can convert your backyard space into golfers paradise. You can chose the one that suites your style and start enjoying golfing fun in your own backyard. These Small backyard putting green ideas also promotes eco friendly and responsible choice for the environment and provide sustainability in eco friendly living. By implementing these ideas you can enjoy your putting green while knowing that you also contributing to a more sustainable and greener planet.


1. How much does it cost to install a small backyard putting green?

The cost of installing a small backyard putting green can vary widely depending on factors such as the size of the green the type of turf or grass used and any additional features like water elements or lighting. On average you can expect to invest anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000 or more.

2. Is synthetic turf better than natural grass for a backyard putting green?

Synthetic turf is a popular choice for backyard putting greens due to its low maintenance requirements and year round playability. Some golfers prefer the authentic feel of natural grass despite the higher maintenance needs. The choice between these two depends on your preferences and priorities.

3. Can I install a putting green myself or do I need professional help?

While some DIY enthusiasts may attempt to install a putting green themselves it’s often advisable to seek professional help especially for complex designs or larger greens. Professional installers have the expertise and equipment to ensure a high quality result.

4. What is the ideal size for a small backyard putting green?

The ideal size for a small backyard putting green depends on the available space and your goals. A typical small putting green can range from 100 to 500 square feet. Consider your space constraints and how you plan to use the green when determining the size.

5. How do I maintain a small backyard putting green?

Maintenance for a small backyard putting green varies depending on whether you have synthetic turf or natural grass. For synthetic turf regular brushing and occasional cleaning are usually sufficient. Natural grass greens require mowing, watering, and regular care to keep them in top condition. Be sure to follow specific maintenance guidelines provided by your installer.

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